Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A Workshop with Helene of Tartelette

Day 1 results

Day 2 results
Biz cards from some creative ladies

If you wanted to be there but couldn't make it, pick up Helene's new book!

A huge thank you to Helene for pushing me to shoot from a new perspective, and depth, and to go beyond what I thought I knew!  And also to Angela of Ace Camps for creating workshops that inspire art, friendships and much much more...


  1. I wish I had gone! I live in San Diego and would have loved to connect with you, and of course, Helene.

    I am going to Mexico City with Penny de los Santos though. Maybe you can make that trip too :)

  2. Lucky you, going to Penny's workshop! I won't be able to attend but please let me know how it goes. I caught 2 of 3 days of her Creative Live workshop and it was incredible.

  3. I got the book today and I must say it is awesome ! so many tips to help me ...

  4. Sounds like you all had a wonderful and inspiring time at the workshop! It's great to see so many talented people gather to learn and work on their craft. I love all the photos you've shared thus far from the workshop... I'll have to pick up the book for myself so I can take a few tips! Thanks for sharing!