Friday, May 21, 2010

the full kitchen story

i was away when my little project hit ohdeedoh.  the feature can be found here, but i will post the details behind the creation below as well. to be honest, i'm still not done.  if you take a look you will notice a lack of a refrigerator.  i can tell you that one is in the works and will be shared once i'm through with days of photo editing and other various projects and higher priority posts ;)

The main structure is a hack of an unfinished plasma tv cabinet.  I based the dimensions off of a PBKids kitchen, allowing for a little more height due to the fact that my child is a giant.  Seriously, people ask if she’s 3.  She just turned 2!

I had hoped this would be more DIY, but my partner isn’t too keen on me handling major power tools.  I knew that a pro would have to cut the marble for me and luckily our incredible handyman had the right saw to do the trick.  He also helped with all the wood cutting and building up the top of the kitchen.  A friend cut the tile and I created the back splash with a simple adhesive, no grout needed.

I’ve listed all the supplies below.  

Purchased items:

Unfinished plasma tv cabinet, $299,
Steel handles, $30, Local Hardware store
3 packs marble subway tile, $18, Home Depot
Faucet, $20, Ebay
Stainless steel contact paper, $15,
Oven knobs, $22, Local Hardware store
Burner grates, $34, Local Hardware store          
Sink (cake pan), $20, Surfas
Stick n click lights, $8 (with coupon!), Bed Bath and Beyond
Paint for Oven- Benjamin Moore Black, $6, Cox Paint
Assorted screws, hinges, anchors, and adhesives, Home Depot

Reused items:

Marble for countertops- previous owners left it in garage after remodel
Wood for backsplash, shelf, hood, and cabinet door panels- was extra wood from a shelf project
Cabinet paint Benjamin Moore Wrought Iron- left over from master bathroom
Cooling/oven rack- from momma’s kitchen


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